Lloyd Lincoln

New Music for the Twilight of Humanity

This is a collection of links to free resources that have helped me with music.




  • Coursera - Free internet courses from real universities on numerous subjects. The ones from Berklee College of Music are uniformly excellent.
  • Felicia Ricci - Voice teacher who regularly puts out new lessons on YouTube.
  • Hardcore Mixing - Focused on mixing for heavy music specifically. Includes both videos and now a podcast.
  • Modern Mixing - YouTube channel with detailed mixing and mastering techniques.
  • Point Blank Music School - Prolific production channel from London music school.
  • Produce Like a Pro - Mixing, mastering, and interview channel from the Produce Like a Pro website.
  • The Pro Audio Files - A wealth of great information on mixing, mastering and recording.
  • Walk That Bass - Jazz and blues theory explained clearly.


  • Oblique Strategies - [Android] App version of creativity-inspiring card deck invented by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. Here's an iPhone version.
  • Perfect Ear 2 - [Android] Ear-training app.
  • Sample Radar - A very wide variety of free sample packs.
  • TT Dynamic Range Meter - [PC] Will calculate the DR for .wav files and work as a plug-in in some DAWs. Page hasn't been updated since 2009 but I'm not aware of a better free alternative.

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